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Love Song and Power

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Based on the book written by Stevie Kinchen, this is a film adaptation produced by GETTVLIVE. Directed by Erik Krefeld and Eddel Martinez.

The film features singer and actress Prana Songbird as Violet, a rising star with a troubled past that is trying to find her way through the life she is called for and the life she will settle for. As she meets up with Trevor, played by Tay Lindsey they are both pulled toward several different directions. Trevor is on his way to having everything he wants and has worked for. Trevor and Violet will need to find the courage to be themselves.

Starring Aaron Jackson as the renown business man, Mr. Chamberlin, Jason Menz as Sebastian, the owner of a trendy club, Deb Smith Ford as a well known author and client of Chamberlin's Firm. With appearances by Kevin Mayle as Brad, the internationally acclaimed music producer and Becky Brown as Patricia the successful senior marketing agent from the Chamberlin Marketing Firm.

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Apr 04, 2021

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